środa, 25 marca 2015

Fainted Imam.

Legend says that Imam have fainted after eating this dish. But there's no place in this story for a reason why, so I'd some doubts before I made it. Maybe it is poisonous? Nope. To many good reviews. They also say he may have fainted because it's so good. I doubt it, I've heard they were pretty hard to impress in these times. But then I saw a recipe, so I have my suspicions. I think he fainted from the amount of olive oil in it - it's a delicious, but very heavy dish, and I bet he couldn't help himself from having more than one portion. Little did he know, that his greed for food will make this dish famous. And thank him for that.

1/2 kg onions, thinly sliced
1kg of chopped tomatoes, can be canned
6-7 cloves of garlic
1/2 glass of olive oil
cinnamon, salt, sugar

4 large potatoes
2 courgettes
2 aubergines
1 glass of olive oil

First the sauce: heat large pan with olive oil and add onions and garlic cloves (whole). Stir and sweat them a little, then add tomatoes and leave it to simmer for about 10 minutes. Then add cinnamon, I give about 2 tbsp, some salt to taste and a little pinch of sugar. Simmer for next 5 minutes and set aside.
Slice potatoes, courgettes and aubergines in about 0,5cm slices, put aubergines on the plate and salt them to get rid of the bitter juice. Leave for about 5 minutes. Rinse aubergines and dry all vegetables with kitchen towel.
Heat up a pan with some olive oil, and fry your vegetables each side for golden colour, starting from potatoes, then courgettes and aubergines at the end. If you will start from aubergines, there's a big chance all your veg will turn out bitter. So don't. You should use about one glass of olive oil to fry all of it. Now take ovenproof dish and layer your potatoes, put a layer of sauce on it and layer courgettes, then sauce again, then aubergines and continue untill you're out of veg. What's left of the sauce you should put on the very top and spread equally. Bake in about 200 degree (180 in fan oven) for about 40-45 minutes. You still have to watch it if it's not burning.
Now you have your Fainted Imam which you can enjoy hot or warm, as a main or as a starter with crusty bread. Enjoy! We did :)

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